Arrests were volunteered by the farmer leaders; we shall face the trail, section 307 of IPC unjust-Jagjit Singh Dallewal

Muktsar: Criticizing the police action for arresting the farmer’s leaders under the stringent sections of IPC as 307, Jagjit Singh Dallewal, state president of Bharti Kisan Union Sidhupur termed the police action to build pressure on the farmers.

“The police had booked the farmers during the Malout episode to pressurize them. The police had booked the farmers on the irrelevant charges and section 307 0f IPC(attempted murder) was added to the FIR. So our protesters have volunteered themselves to be arrested for the incident so that the police do not harass the farmers. We shall not at all begs the pardon of government that it has inserted stringent sections of the IPC unjust to the incident, however, we shall face them,” said Jagjeet Singh Dallewal, state president of BKU Sihupur-Ekta speaking to the Punjab tribune over the phone when he was asked to react on the arrest the 30 farmers in Malout episode.


“The only thing happened was to stirp the MLA  naked by ripping off his clothes. He was not harmed by anything else. So section 307 of IPC is irrelevant and when the bailplications of the arrested farmers would be heard in the court, the truth would come out,” Dallewal said.

Dhaliwal said that though the union does not support any violence, however, it would not go back from its commitments too with the farmers.

“We shall not let the innocent farmers or protesters suffer in any way. We are not afraid of jail when we are struggling to have the black farm bills repealed,” Dallewal said.

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